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Are you looking for a reputable Auto Repair Shop?

The goal of the entire staff at Tradition Auto Repair is to make servicing your vehicle as convenient as possible in a friendly, personable and knowledgeable atmosphere. Read what our customers are saying about us.


Mike and the crew at Tradition Auto Repair are knowledgeable, fast and thorough. My truck is my livelihood. If I don’t have my vehicle I can’t make money. Mike and his staff have EARNED my trust and the service is top notch. They diagnosed my problem, gave me a fair estimate and fixed my truck like no other mechanic I have ever dealt with. These guys are in business to provide great service at a fair price and that’s a rarity in the Auto Repair industry. I’m not one to leave testimonials but when you feel this confident in the people taking care of your vehicle, you have to share it. Thank you Mike and crew!

– Guy, Port St. Lucie, FL

 My BMW is older but it’s my pride and joy.  I thought I had no choice but to go through the dealership and pay an arm and a leg for this repair.  Tradition Auto Repair called and got the parts from the dealer (shipped from Germany) and made the repair for a fraction of the cost. I’m a fan!!

– Anthony, St. Lucie West, FL

I am a retired Aircraft mechanic (41 years) and now unable to work on my car due to health reasons. Although my car is older it is in very good mechanical condition which takes regular inspection and maintenance. At each oil change you need to have your car inspected by a competent professional to see if any additional maintenance is necessary. The problem is finding a “competent professional” to inspect your vehicle to determine its serviceability. No one wants to spend the money on parts and service including myself, however, it should be expected that when you disassemble a system for repair your professional mechanic might find additional hidden or unexpected items that should/must be addressed. The professional mechanic will identify these problems, before a more serious situation ensues. (although it is sometimes difficult to be appreciative when they do).
-My choice is Mike at Tradition Auto Repair. I found his maintenance concerns to be valid and the prices for repair fair. He completes the work on schedule and according to the estimate. Mike is a true professional who has performed several repairs (some major) on my car, and I have been more than pleased with the results. Like I said previously, no one wants to spend the money on parts and service but for peace of mind and when professional maintenance is needed; I highly recommend Mike and his crew at Tradition Auto Repair.

– Jim – Port St. Lucie, FL

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